Great Western Railway

In 2017, ECR were delighted to be selected to provide a new MPoS solution for use onboard with GWR. GWR were looking to equip their incoming new Hitachi trains with an EPoS solution for on-board train catering. The requirement was for a future-proof, smart system that would reflect the brand and fit with the new rolling stock coming into service that year.

GWR selected the very latest RailPoS system from ECR Retail Systems. The unique, all in one, hand-held terminals and ECR software offer dual capability of handling product sales as well as contactless card and mobile wallet payments through the same all-in-one unit. The system – fully PCI compliant and EMV approved – was extensively tested and demonstrated to GWR in an onboard environment throughout the process.

The Complete Solution

The Go2 all-in-one hand-held terminals, of ECR’s design and manufacture, allow both on- and offline card transactions from within the unit. The terminals include an inbuilt fast, silent thermal printer to issue receipts, RFID and QR code scanner.

ECR worked with GWR’s supplier, Rail Gourmet, to deliver an integrated and fully operational system supporting operations both in head office and onboard, with minimal requirement for retraining.

The benefits of the system include:

  • monitoring on-board catering performance, enabling the client to tailor products to customers by journey and time of day
  • cost reduction through management of stock flows and cash traceability
  • HO analysts can access extensive reports using the ECR reporting tool
  • real-time replenishment prompts, and onboard ordering
  • for passengers, the system also enhances customer service and presents a professional

The on-board system is easy to use and intuitive, with screens designed together with the client. With complete visibility of every transaction made, cash management and stock movement, GWR’s team have a clear visibility of all operations across the business.


ECR’s RailPoS solution, together with the Go2 device the chance to improve the integrity of stock data and therefore reduce the incidence of over- or undersupplying a train with any given product line.

To date, GWR have 340 devices deployed across the network covering all services out of London into the southwest and Wales.