Newrest SNCF case study

In 2013, SNCF’s onboard catering supplier, Newrest, were searching for an EPoS company to supply a bespoke MPoS solution to support their on-board food and beverage sales.  The requirement was for a system that would be able to support not only standard sales and cash management, but one that would offer control and visibility over operations spanning the whole of France and cross-border services.

ECR were appointed by Hub One Mobility, to provide their RailPoS solution to Newrest for use across the entire SNCF network. The initial solution required extensive mapping and ECR deployed a bilingual team to run a series of fact-finding workshops, site visits and onboard reconnaissance days. Together with users both onboard and at head office, they mapped the processes and developed a clear understanding of how the business operated and how the new MPoS solution could support this on the ground.

Once the solution had been specified, and the client had signed-off the proposed plan, ECR’s dedicated development team delivered one of our most complex projects to date.

The benefits of the system:Process transactions and calculate change in multiple currencies

  • Calculate and manage tax at variable levels and across multiple locations
  • Manage point-of-origin tax requirements
  • Manage operations across multiple regions
  • Facilitate estate management where regions operate differently
  • Manage crew rotas deployed across different regions to cover busier periods
  • Manage extensive departures on 24/7 basis and support stock management

The project was implemented in two phases – initially selling, followed by stock management modules. Together, ECR, Newrest and Hub One managed the pilot phases, initially between Paris and Lyon, then introducing other routes.

The on-board system is easy to use and intuitive for the user. Full training was provided on-site in Paris, designed to enable the client to manage functionality such as device selling screens designed and maintained by the client’s own Back Office users, the ability to pre-set offers, products, menus etc, to reflect any menu changes ahead of time, and the ability to send messages to users via the system.