Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

As one of London’s most famous landmarks, the Shakespeare Globe theatre has been appreciated by generations. Shakespeare’s Globe exhibition, which is located adjacent to the theatre on Bankside and next to the Tate Modern, is a unique experience exploring the life of Shakespeare, the London where he lived, and the theatre for which he wrote, through the connected means of education and performance.

A fascinating guided tour can then take you into the unique space that is enthusiastically visited by people from all around the world. This is one of London’s most famous sites with the facilities and presentation to reflect this. The Globe Exhibition has now been refurbished with most exhibits re-presented to improve your journey through the history of Shakespeare and the Globe. Learn about the extravagant Elizabethan costumes, Renaissance instruments and how they were used, and the dramatic stories of the first Globe crossing the Thames, and the new Globe being reconstructed on Bankside.
Within this fascinating complex is the Globe Exhibition shop that offers an exclusive collection of theatre season merchandise, as well as gifts, jewellery, books and DVDs.

Having previously bought a DOS system from ECR in the late 1990’s, in 2005 the management at Shakespeare Globe theatre decided to upgrade the shop tills to a touch screen offering. Although the team had been very happy with the high level of service at ECR it was decided to try a third party product which sadly proved unreliable.

Once the decision had been made that the new system was untenable there was no hesitation in deciding to revert back to the stable product and high service levels offered by ECR. As
one of London’s major tourist attractions, Shakespeare’s Globe required a system that would be able to cope with the high volume of customers visiting the gift shop.

In April 2008, ECR installed the Touchsoft PoS software onto the existing hardware. With the help of one of the dedicated project managers, the team were able to resume the smooth running of the gift shop immediately.

By upgrading each of the tills in turn with the new program the installation was completed whilst the shop stayed open. This all happened during a busy trading period with minimum disruption to the store and without effecting the high level of service visitors experience at the exhibition. ECR tailor-made the touch screens to offer a user- friendly, fast and efficient, system that all of the staff now feel comfortable with. With most items being scanned at the till, the project manager designed the software to be able to sell even small items, unable to be bar-coded, at the touch of a button.

The software has also made stock control easy and manageable, essential in light of the large amount of products on offer in the shop.

An Electronic debit/credit card facility (eft) was also added to the system making for quicker and more accurate transactions for both customers and operators alike.
Following a number of months experience of the system the team are now happy that the previous high levels of satisfaction achieved with ECR has returned. The day to day running of the
shop is once again handled through the system allowing the staff to concentrate on looking after the many visitors to the Theatre.


“ Having been ECR customers for many years we invited ECR back to install the new generation system. We are very happy to have done so and the level of service has been maintained at a very
high level.”
Meghan Cole – Head of Retail