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Mobile Ordering with ECR!


Hot food at seat can be ordered from seat, either before travel or whilst on-board. All using our intuitive, user-friendly technology.  

ECR’s purpose-built application can communicate orders to the bar or kitchen for at-seat delivery.

Pre-order online or at seat so that drinks, food and destination tickets can be offered for delivery on board during the journey.

The system links into ECR’s TrainNet for full stock and cash control from one system.

Control sales, recipes and promotions at the touch of a button for a great customer experience.



Your customers can place orders directly from their phone with an easy to use menu built into the app. Simple flows let customers place repeat orders in just three clicks, or interactively explore the menu. you can manage menu pricing, descriptions and images directly from your own dashboard. The system identifies product details and any allergens in an easy to recognise format.

No need to download the app to a mobile device – customers access via an efficient and reliable landing page.

On board order management 

Instantly send messages to your customers. Offers, new menu items or simply the latest news. Choose train-specific messages to reach passengers in particular carriages and tempt back  customers who haven’t bought for a while, with a targeted offer. Loyalty schemes are both easy to manage and support.

Seat and carriage control 

All the information your customers need to rind and contact you, right at their fingertips. Ticketing, including seat information, is seamlessly linked with your customers’ phones. One-touch calling and emailing, so that you are never more than a click away.

Native App, Uniquely Yours. iOS and Android. 

The app has TOC branding and is build using fully “native” code for superior performance and customer experience.

East and emjoyable for customers to use, meaning it will be used multiple times leading to more orders. With branding integral to your software, it will help you stand out and enhance your offering.

Happy Clients Use The ECR GO 2:

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